The Works

It was one afternoon in the jewelry workshop during his first year in design college ; whilst working on the workbench, he realized he had been spending a lot of time in the workshop. “We had classes in the mornings and very often some of us would stay back till evenings to work on our individual projects.” It was then Jonathan realized that he loved doing this and this was what he was meant to do for the rest of his life!

Whilst honing his craft, he went through phases of being influenced by various design movements. Very early, he was taken up with the stark minimalist designs of scandinavian jewelry designers. Later he caught the baroque flu where he fell in love with details and curliques. Both were opposite polars and Jonathan loved both of them. One says less is more and the other says more is more! One emphasizes forms whereas the other one focuses on elaborate details. Together they shaped and remained the pillars of his work till today. It was this marriage which gave birth to a distinct recognizable style in his work.

Even though many have copied and reproduced his designs particularly the Seafan Coral designs, he remains true to what he believes in and continues to produce many other works that bears the same stamp.

The Coral Collection

Jonathan took up scuba diving and he discovered the amazing underwater world. He found the sculptural landscape made up of both hard and soft coral achingly beautiful.


The Eden Collection

This range is a celebration of the amazing Botanical bounty found in nature. Jonathan recreates a permanent garden that can be enjoyed forever.


The Vintage Collection

This range is inspired from the Straits Chinese heritage and lifestyle. One of the many iconic forms is the Kerongsang or brooches worn by the Nyonyas.