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Jonathan Yun Jewelry is located in a chic downtown are of Georgetown, Penang amidst an assortment of art houses, boutiques, and other places of historical and cultural interest. This area provides an array of shopping opportunities, from mainstream offerings to unique bargains. This all interweaves with roadside stalls and independent shops, creating an interesting and eclectic contrast that gives you plenty of choices and good value for money.

Our Location:
152,Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling
Georgetown, Penang 10200

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Jewelry also sold in:

  • The Bombay Shop, E&O Hotel, Penang
  • The Spice Garden, Penang
  • Bonton Resort Langkawi
  • Pangkot Laut Resort
  • Gaya Island Resort, Sabah
  • Moripin, Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL

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