2013 It finally happened!

2013 Finally

Every time someone asks if I have a website, I always tell them it’s under construction and will be up soon. It’s been “under construction” for  5 years now and I’m quite sure the people I’ve been telling will say I’ve been lying but the truth is I’ve  been trying to get the website up with various people whom I’ve engaged over the years but somehow they were unable to complete the job in one way or another. There were times I thought, it’s finally going to happen and only to see it fizzling away…

I was almost giving up, resigned to the fact perhaps I am one of the rare species in this time and age that just will exists without a website.

That is until out of desperation I asked a pastor (who also is a website designer!) if he would like to work on my website. It was my last attempt to having a website.

I’ve made many many mistakes but this one definitely is not! What a gem the website turned up to be! It perfectly encapsulates what the brand – Jonathan Yun Sculptural Jewelry  is all about. It allows my story to be told. Thank you Pastor Steve Roberts for making it possible.

I dedicate this website to the One that allows me to dream – God, whom I could not exist without!