It Was Fascination, I Know!

amaliearrings 14 amaliearrings 5 amaliearrings11 amaliearrings10As I pondered on a word to describe the subject of what I wanted to write about, I re- discovered a  word hardly used in today’s english – Fascination! When was the last time you used this word in a conversation or heard it being spoken? I have not heard it for a long time now.

And its the exact word I was looking for to describe my feelings for a particular article of jewelry that l liked designing. Earrings!

If I remembered from my childhood days , I used to be fascinated with the earrings my mother used to wear. My mother had a penchant for all earrings but is limited only to her courage to don them. She adored the dangly chandelier types and her eyes would light up whenever she chanced upon them but never did she venture beyond wearing her repertoire of small earrings.What further piqued my interest was that she had a set of perfect ears and a swan neck, and I wished she would have been more adventurous in her choices. Thus my love affair with the earrings began…

Earrings to me frames the face and adds to the allure of the woman. Like a full stop to a sentence, it is that one piece of jewelry that a women must have if she had to choose. A ring she could do without, a necklace perhaps but a pair of earrings  she cannot do without, it completes her look like no other piece of jewelry!

In the 80′s there was the shoulder dusters that was all the rage then and I used to be transfixed by the women who would wear them.  The bigger the badder, the fashion industry screamed!

Probably as an allergic reaction to the pendulum sized earrings that were the norm down the runway, the tides turned and the 90′s was a sad decade where the fashion moguls decided to do away with the earrings. Suddenly everyone stopped wearing earrings.

It was a few long years before earrings made it grand entrance again in 21st century. Happily the love affair continues….

Incidentally I was reminded of this old classic, Fascination by Nat King Cole - Enjoy!

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