House of Koh Lay Huan Collection

klhB&WWhen Rebecca Duckett Wilkinson approached me to do a silver interpretation of the swallow/phoenix/fu dog/vase/bat as single earrings, I was mildly intriqued.House of Koh Lay Huan These cutwork animals/flowers/vases are found on the facade of the Wilkinsons’ gorgeous house. The historical house is built in the mid 19th century by a prominent Chinese merchant, Koh Lay Huan which was in a state of disrepair when the Wilkinsons bought and restored it to its former glory. If you would like to know more about the house or even visit it, please follow this link.( )


swallowsDSC_0161liondog and batvase1

But little did I know I would be so charmed by their beauty that I was inspired to turn it into a full range. The 5 silver earrings are the beginnings of this collection which I hope to include rings/necklaces/bracelets and even a hairpin.


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