Eat,pray and love in Ubud

I decided to take some time to be quiet and spend a few days in Ubud, Bali. I found a little homestay amidst the rice fields away from all human madness.

As an artist, sometimes life’s challenges can pile up and the stress that builds up as a result can be toxic and that ultimately will affect my work. A week before departure, I had a very bad bout of food poisoning so even  my body is screaming to be rid of all the accumulating poison!

I ate lots of vegetable. I am not a vegetarian and I love my meat but somehow for this trip I just instinctively like a cat seek out to ingest greens instead of my usual diet.I ate lots of Gado-Gado an indonesian salad with peanut-y spicy sauce. I tried different restaurants and stalls that sell this dish and made a conclusion that the pricier the restaurant is no indication that the dish will get tastier!

I got up early to pray and talk to God. Its nice not to have meetings , no shop, no staffs and clients to attend to and just an open time with God. I would take long long walks through the countrysides as well as the town. Walking calms me down and many times find myself meditating as I walk. In one of my long walks, I discovered a place where they practise an ancient herbal treatment called Boreh, that is made up of 20 over different ingredients ground to a paste and apply over the body like a scrub.

One of the objective of the trip was to rediscover what I love about my work. I visited lots of art galleries and was so inspired that I decided to spend sometime learning another ancient form of art – wood sculpturing that had been passed on from generations to generations.Though I am already familiar with wax sculpturing and the fundamentals of sculpturing, I was intrigued to know the technique in wood carving. Below are pictures of my progress:

20131009_102515 20131009_143532 20131009_102449

It seems like such a passive form of work but its actually quite strenuous on the back. I don’t think I will be able to master it completely but it did ignite my passion again!

In the end , the trip was detoxifying and invigorating at the same time!


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