An Ode to my friend!

I remembered clearly that about this time last year, a very dear friend from Singapore called me and told me she had just gone to the doctor as she had discovered a lump on her breast that was later diagnosed as cancerous. She started treatment quite soon after and now a year later, she is mostly out of the woods. We are all very thankful to God for healing her! She is alive and very much in kicking mode!

It wasn’t always so as I remembered that during her chemo days, how fragile she was when she had to deal with a lot of emotional and physical pain. It pained me to see her in such pain. And it made me realize the importance of the support from family and friends during these dark hours.

For the past 5 years in Penang, a group of ladies have organised an event to raise funds in supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness month( in October). I had donated in past years pieces of my work to be auctioned off but this year is special to me and I wanted to donate a piece that I specially worked on in celebration of my friend’s recovery.

I titled this piece – “I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN”. This piece features a lotus pond with a koi swimming around amidst the lotusses as well as some “pebbles” ( aquamarine/labradorite/moonstone. ) The Fused glass “pond’ is courtesy of Fuan Wong – a glass artist friend who has kindly made it. The Pond represents a symbiotic environment that exists and thrive with each other’s support through rain and shine!20130927_100148

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